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Oil Painting Inspiration – a judge free week

This is my 2nd painting and now I’m judgy. Nothing was expected of me on painting #1 (The Pear), from my teachers or myself. I had the freedom to just go with it and try my hardest. The very fact that I COULD do it was enough.

Painting #2 rolls around and so does JUDGMENT. I have just enough knowledge of the process to start setting minimum standards. I have a bar, a measure of my previous work and so I tell myself this one has to be as good or better as the first. Oy, the PRESSURE. Why do I judge myself and apply pressure? This is one activity that takes me out of my head and into creative. And here I go jumping right back into reality – with pedal to the metal no less!

Judgment comes in many flavors from the  “I am not good enough because —— ,   I will never be able to do that because ——, “  to the  “That person is more — than me and I am inferior to them because —–”  or  “Wow, they really are strange because that is not like my life experience or me.”

I lean toward the “I know I am capable and challenge myself to go further, add more, perform at a higher level, no going back- I’m not doing enough otherwise” kind of judgment. How limiting.

When we drop judgment we open up to new possibilities and full potential. We let go of control and outcomes based on what we have known to date.

Goal for the week

Actively approach the person or situation that I have experienced before with the following thought:

“I am going to see this situation/person for what it is and not jump to an outcome based on previous experience. That was yesterday and I am open to the concept that today’s experience could be very different.”

Two phrases come to mind- the yin/yang of to judge or not to judge:

One bitten twice shy = leery, closed, cautious, permanent, stuck

Second Chance = new, fresh, do-over, redemption, clean slate, open

This is the week of the Second Chance, it sounds so much better!

Are you with me??

judgement be curious no judgmental