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Race in Real Estate & the Supreme Court

These guys in the video talk on different topics pertinent to real estate. This one is about Disparate Impact which is being heard at the Supreme Court level. I could go on and on here trying to explain the concept but I think they do a much better job than I.

My opinion? Race Cards Suck. Discrimination Sucks. Hating other people or keeping them down based on color or heritage Sucks. All with a capital S.

This “disparate impact”, as it is being applied to the specific issue, seems to be over reaching. If the Supreme Court upholds or finds in favor, this could have impact far beyond the intended target. I want to mull it over and learn more about the whole thing before I try to form a solid opinion on this”disparate impact”  point. I am hoping that you would watch the video (it is short) and give me your thoughts.  Maybe you have on the ground experience or have seen the concept in action and can provide another viewpoint. Much appreciated if you would take the time to help me.

Link to the video below: