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You already know how to meditate, silly!

Alan Watts 2 min video
I watched this video which is a voiceover of Alan Watts talking about treating work as play. We divide our lives between work and play with very little cross over. He sees no reason to eliminate play in your work process; you can be more fulfilled by incorporating play into how you work. So if play at work can be achieved, it is done so by focusing your mind and your thought process.  If this is the case then playing at work becomes a form of meditation. It takes mental awareness, clarity and focus to incorporate playful thoughts and behaviors. After all, work is called work because no matter how great and awesome your job is, there is always a certain amount of work to it. There are details to be tended to that you don’t like to manage or steps of the process that are unappealing to you. Elevating thoughts from drudgery to play, this is where meditation begins. I’m sure ballerinas love what they do. They get to express themselves through movement every day but there is a certain amount of practice, perfection, and pressure that brings work into their play. 

I’m going to take a leap of faith and say that if you take pleasure in your work most of the day, you have probably played mindgames to move through the work-like parts. If this is the case, then you have practiced a form of meditation. If you think you can’t meditate, please reflect on the previous sentence. Look at how much pleasure the play part of your work gives you and you receive this  through meditation.  Think about how much more your entire life can be enhanced by meditation outside of work. Bring the same awareness of playing at work into your personal and family life. Imagine how this simple addition (you are already doing it at work!) will change things. It will open you up- you will have a broader perspective. You will smile easier and appreciate your experiences (and people) more. 

Meditation does not have to be on a mat in a robe. Try it while driving home or at the grocery. Be aware of the people around you. Make eye contact, read labels, feel food, really see the drivers. Notice how you feel – how much more alive you are when you are connected. 

This IS meditation and I know you can do it. See if it brings more play to your whole life.