How I Got Down To Less Than 1 Bag Of Garbage A Week- And Kept it Off ;-)

I grew up at the beach on Tybee Island, GA and the motto “leave only your footprint” has real meaning for me. There is nothing like a morning stroll down the beach dodging metal cans and food wrappers left from yesterday’s revelry.

Over the past two years, I have had a personal shift in my view of the globe and how my actions project out long term. This has been coming on for quite some time and I have made progress, albeit small steps. I hate to call it being” sustainable” or “greening” lest I lose audience here and now ;-).

To date, I have started recycling with a larger recycle cart, buying larger carts for my clients who buy and sell homes and are open to increasing their recycling, composting our food and yard waste, growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in the yard. These actions seem too simple to have an effect on the world but with each step, and each person, we collectively make gains. And the joy of eating a home-grown tomato- do I have a witness??

home grown tomato

So far my changes have been low cost with immediate returns. More extensive measures are in the offing but for now I am happy with changing my behavior one easy step at a time. I’m not a hard core greenie. I’m not hard core anything.  To me, this proves that ANYONE can take action and play a part without much ado. You don’t have to live in a tent in the redwoods and grow a beard to participate in downsizing your footprint.

I challenge you to take a few easy steps toward change. If you don’t enjoy the process or the positive feeling you will get, you can go back! It is easy to go back. Give it 28 days and see what happens. Let me know!

  1. Pick up the wrapper, bottle or garbage and put in a can instead of walking past.
  2. Make the effort to put recyclables in the right container if the store offers a can.
  3. Take your Kroger/Meijer’s/Publix plastic bags BACK to the store- they have cans outside specifically to recycle those.
  4. If you have free recycle at home- challenge to put everything that is possible to recycle in your area in it for 28 days. Watch your main garbage shrink!!

 recycle grocery store bagsrecycle can options

Four free and easy actions. No huge protest, just baby steps….

let me know how it goes!

joshua tree



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