new inspiration- Oil Painting final day

This is the final session on my first painting. There are two ways I can mentally approach my finished painting:

1. I can focus on what I perceive to be imperfections; the little mess ups and inconsistencies. I can choose to zero in on the “warts” first and foremost. This approach can prevent me from seeing the painting as a whole.

2. I can start my view of the painting as a whole piece. After taking in the entire finished product, I can see and appreciate a few “warts”. These “warts” give my painting depth, emotion and a personal quality. The painting is a beautiful sum of its not so beautiful parts.

Art mirrors life. Everything and everyone has “warts”. If the consideration of those “warts” becomes primary then I think that diminishes our happiness. My ego wants you to look at me as a whole first- judge me on the basis of my best side please, then get to my “warts”. Once you have seen the whole me it will be easier for you to accept my imperfections. You just might find a few of them to be charming- the things that give me depth, emotion and personality.

How can we possibly age (happily) together in a long term relationship if we focus on the “warts” above all else? How can we have the will to face another very imperfect day if we nit pick it to death from sunrise to sundown? Everything is better when it is seen from the best possible vantage point.

Far better to thank the stars for our mates – the ones who see our “warts” and then look the other way- than to hone in on their negatives. Does it matter that the towel doesn’t get hung in the proper place? Is it so bad that there is less hair in one place and more in other areas?

I need to remember this when I am seeing others. I need to remember this as I move through my day. I need to especially remember this with my mate. Otherwise, I lose out on the ability to truly love people and things outside of myself.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all from a person who is truly grateful for having a most accepting mate. And a finished painting- warts and all 😉

2-7-15 4th painting day



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